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Love These Mamas

Over the past week I’ve collected some fun quotes that the Mamas have said about running and working out.  I think that’ll I’ll keep doing this because it’s really fun to capture everyone else’s perspectives on their own progress and journey.  Enjoy!

 From a Mama during her first track night with us last week:  

From a Mama who crushed her first half after always saying things like “I don’t run. I hate running.  I’m not a runner.” 

Simple reflections by a perfectly awesome Mama. 🙂 

On signing up for multiple races and having a cute guy like our Facebook page all on the same day. 


On wishing that her accountability running buddy would text to call off the early morning trail run….

Denise on going to CrossFit while still sore from CrossFit…

 All of these thoughts we share with each other are what fuel us to wake up and thrive in another day. I am so excited to see what the rest of 2016 holds for our growing group.  I’m sure there is at least one more adventure waiting for us this year!  And with that, I leave you today with Bonus Jen’s wise words that we all need to remember…

Blaze your trail of awesomeness today!

– Mama K

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