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The Ecuador Challenge!

The spirit of a Soleful Mama is one of connection, empowerment, and indestructible hope.  We are passionate women who live to have an immeasurable influence in our community and beyond.  We are here to support and strengthen one another so that we can do the things in life we never thought possible.  With that said, we invite you to join us for the next 5 weeks and take on…

The Soleful Mamas Ecuador Challenge

Our fellow Mama, Nancy, is planning to go on her first mission’s trip to Ecuador with her son in the beginning of August. This is Nancy at track night with us a few weeks ago…

Nancy and her son need $1,000 more to pay to finish paying for their trip that’s 5 weeks away.  That’s why we’ve created The Soleful Mamas Ecuador Challenge to help raise the final amount of monies they need for their trip.

What’s The Soleful Mamas Ecuador Challenge?  Glad you asked.  Ecuador is roughly 2,800 miles away from Boyertown, Pennsylvania. We would like to collectively run, walk, skip, swim, or dance that far over the next 5 weeks.  The challenge begins June 27th and ends July 29th.  For a small donation of whatever you can give to the cause (even $5 helps!) you can participate in the challenge and receive Soleful Mamas swag at the end of July.

How it’ll work:  Keep track of all the miles you’ve endured throughout the week.  At the end of each week (Saturday night) we’ll post for everyone to enter their miles in the comments section. We’ll tally them up and keep track each week. We hope to get to our collective 2,800 miles.  We’re looking for at least 25 runners and/or walkers to join us. The more that participate the better!

Your tax deductible donation is so important. Checks can be made out to Biblical Church Ministries with “Nancy and James S” written in the memo section.  Add a note if you’d like a receipt for tax purposes. Please mail checks to:

Trinity Church of Boyertown

Attention: Nancy S – Ecuador Mission’s Trip

250 Sweinhart Road

Boyertown, PA 19512

OR — find your fellow Soleful Mama (Jane, Candice, Missy, or Jen) and give them your donation. We’ll collect donations and give them to Nancy.  Just make sure you put your donation in a sealed envelope with a note inside of your name and address if you’d like a receipt.  We’ll also keep track of who donates so we know who should receive some serious swag.

OR — email us and we can send you a PayPal invoice for the amount you’d like to donate and you can pay that way. It’ll be an easy option and we’ll write the check out for you and give it to Nancy on your behalf.

We hope you are inspired to support a fellow Mama!  Feel free to email us with any questions at or message us on Facebook. You’ll find us there in our little corner of the Mama world.

Keep moving forward with us!

  • Mama K


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