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Soul Soothing Sunday

One of my favorite things this summer has been the early Sunday morning trail runs that the Mamas have been doing.  It’s refreshing, it’s renewing, and it’s restorative. I love the woods because time stands still. It’s the only place where 4.5 miles feels like it didn’t even happen. It’s so hard to describe and so very much appreciated. I think this morning was the perfect recovery run from yesterday’s brick workout. And it was great to have girl time before breakfast. 

My two favorite Mama quotes from this morning: 

On a difficult trail run full of hills climbing, rocks, and roots, “At one point I just said ‘F$&@! Little bench, little bench, little bench’. That was my mantra. I just had to get to that bench at the top.” 

About the matching bug bites on the backs of her legs, “Great. Now I probably have Ezekiel (Zika) virus.”  

Always a pleasure, Ladies! 

All trails lead to happy,

-Mama K 

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