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“You are all that matters.”

Meet Mama B.  She’s our guest author for today.  Mama B is a hard working Mama that is raising two children, working outside the home full time in addition to working toward another degree.  It amazes me how the Mamas I’ve encountered (and know) take ENDURANCE to a whole new level.  You’ll see what I mean in a few moments…

Mama B on taking care of oneself.

I figure this morning, a fair amount of us are recovering from too much (or just enough!) imbibing over the weekend. And to balance out the messages of constant accountability I would throw in my two cents when it comes to honoring YOUR story, your way.

Do you folks, everyone else is already taken.

I spent the first six months of 2016 pushing myself through a grueling regimen. I worked out every day (except two scheduled rest days I decided not to push through) and I survived two of the most intense quarters of my adult/professional/student life. When I say I worked nearly every waking minute of every day for 6 months this is not an over-exaggeration.

What started out as a sinus infection the second week in June turned into an unplanned two week break 😁 I slept in (until 6/7A!) and while I walked a lot, I jogged just a few times but I was able to get through a great deal of my backlog To Do list. Oh, and I also worked full-time which when I consider “all” I had to do was work I was left feeling like:

That is enough.

You see, the “accountability” mantras that come out of MLM campaigns have tainted a bit the encouragement they intend to foster. From personal trainers and this workout craze has become a “healthy” America that does too little accounting of the human spirit. The messages of health and total wellness are amazing – do not misunderstand me. But when you see a constant influx of “be accountable!” and “no excuses!” and “never miss a day!” it creates a cycle of perfection and non-tolerance toward being kind to your spirit. I fall prey to it myself and it makes me hate the moments I tap out and say, l need today.

My spirit was weakened by my workload. Early June also came with some upheaval in my private life which required mental toughness and resilience I struggled to drudge up. So dust collected on my treadmill, I let my sneakers sit unused.

And everyday a toxic message lingered in my head. Everyday I chastised myself for only walking. For ONLY having my morning shake, for ONLY drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. For ONLY –

Only is enough sometimes, you all. As long as it isn’t for forever.

20-40 minutes of exercise became a chore, it became an albatross because I carry so many other burdens. So I stopped the negative inner dialogue. I said NO to 430AM wake ups and NO to daily hour long work outs. I said YES to my two week break from school, teaching, and daily exercise.

I indulged a bit with food and drink, I dated my husband and visited with family and friends. I laughed and played and did some crying too. I took deeper breaths and recouped.

I had to! These next nine months are going to be worse than the past six. And they are the last in a decade long sprint toward the finish line.

So it was enough, I was enough. And it is not an excuse but a calculated decision – I am perfectly okay with the prioritization.

Whatever you choose, do it for you, listen to your body, mend your spirit. Then get back out there in a way that honors YOU.

You are all that matters. 

Mama B
Mama B…Livin’ life like a boss…

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