Training (read: Practicing)

 Let It Happen

Track night was a blessing tonight.  After the Mamas logged between 3-5 miles, stretched, and chatted there were moments of honest sharing.  Sharing of goals, sharing of not feeling worthy, sharing gratitude, and sharing in each other’s fellowship.  But the most gratifying thing that happened tonight was the opportunity to see the weaving of the friendship cords.  Our fears and joys and experiences are all braided into a beautifully strong sling that supports each one of us.  We left agreeing on the mantra for the upcoming week: Just let it happen.  Meaning, let go.  Let go of the fear, let go of the anxiety, let go of the doubt and let the days unfold as they are written to do so.  Step out in faith. Step out knowing that we’ve got each other and we’ve got this perfectly designed net ready to catch us if we fall while we are in flight.  

We’re in this together.  

We have to just let it happen…this crazy thing called life.  

Keep moving forward,

-Mama K

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