Mama K (CD5K), Race day, Training (read: Practicing)

Life Lessons

They always seem to come when you least expect them too. But if you are open and able to subconsciously pay attention to all that’s happening around you, you find that life is teaching some big lessons (sometimes they are a repeat) in small ways.

This morning, my family participated in the JK5K. This was a local 5K put together by a grieving family. They lost their almost 6th grade son last year in a tragic accident- it is his birthday today.  Our community answered the cry of their aching hearts with an abundance of love and support. Almost 500 people were in attendance today to embrace this family and celebrate Jacob’s life.

Liam, my 10 year old, asked what happened to Jacob. Mama D knew the story well and shared it with Liam. In that moment, I saw his face completely change. Moments earlier he was complaining of being too hot and too bored so he wanted to go home to play video games. His usual pompous flair was softened and he fell silent. It was a moment he was ready to receive a simple and important life lesson:

Take nothing for granted. 

I told him we have to be thankful for each moment we spend together, each day we have alive, and each person we have in our life.  Without making eye contact, he nodded his head in acknowledgement.  Another lesson quickly followed:

Choose hope. 

Everyone had an amazing time.  Mama D and I walked the 1 mile fun run with Wyatt while Liam ran it.  Wyatt very quickly decided his legs hurt and he had to be carried, but wouldn’t accept a piggyback because that hurt his belly. Sigh. I think we wound up doing about .4 miles total as we quickly turned around and went back.

Lots of our friends participated and did really well.

Since I didn’t run and because I was properly inspired by the energy this morning, Charlotte and I decided to go for a bike ride to help me train for the upcoming triathlon. The plan was to ride 11-12 and then run 2.  We headed over to the Schulkill River Trail by Valley Forge again.

As we were whizzing into about mile 5 I realized that 14 years ago this day I was a week overdue with Charlotte and I was terrified. As a 22 year old newlywed, I didn’t know what was about to happen when this tiny little baby girl decided to come into the world.  The past 14 years flashed before my eyes as we rode and I re-learned another lesson:

Always choose the difficult path. 

It’s scary, mysterious, and always humbling.  That’s why it’s so worth it. 14 years later here I am with this beautiful young lady; my #1 supporter and my daughter.

My final lesson I learned was on our way home after the rain started really coming down (we nixed the 2 mile run).

You’ll never miss your partner’s hand when giving a high five if you always look at their elbow. 

Mind. Blown.  This is one reason why it’s great to have a teenager.

So today I am thankful for the time we spent together as a family. I’m thankful that my children are sensitive souls that are behind me every step of the way. I am thankful for really amazing friends. I’m thankful for the opportunities that today brought to us. I’m thankful to keep moving forward!

-Mama K

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