Mama K (CD5K), Training (read: Practicing)

Heavy Grindy

This post is simply an expression of my super excitement that I get to workout with these women on a weekly basis.  They push me, the build me up, and they play with me.  We go on adventures together and plan for big and wild dreams to come true.  They blaze their trails of awesomeness everyday. They encouraging others, light up the world, and let their goddess nectar (AKA sweat) flow to prove to themselves over and over again ACTUALLY I CAN.  They are beauties AND beast. And for that I love them.

Today’s holiday WOD:


1 round of Cindy is 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats.  Here was the workout:

3 Rounds for Time –

  • 10 Cleans and Jerks (each team member did 5)
  • 10 Rounds of Cindy (each team member did 5 rounds and switched each time so you got a few seconds of rest)
  • Remember to repeat twice to get to your 3 rounds total

It was about a 30 minute workout that brought everyone to their knees.  We all left it out there on the floor.  I worked on my pull-ups, sucked my way through my push-ups, and banged out my air squats.  As I looked around to capture the moments of sheer torture, I learned the following  (yes, it’s a repeat lesson from Mama W’s inspirational post from yesterday):HeavyGrindy5





And in the end…… 30 minutes later….


Keep moving forward,

-Mama K


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