Training (read: Practicing)

The Return 

I realized this week that I think I need workout vacations. Much like everyone needs a break from “real” work every so often, I think the same goes for me with exercise. Especially after big events that are the best moments of my life but somehow leave me lifeless after the adrenaline crash. So after many texts from my fellow Mamas and Sole Sisters, I am learning to take those breaks whenever I need them. Because we do really hard (but mega fun) stuff and our events demand a lot from us. Last week if anyone asked me about running I said a hundred nasty things about the sport and a thousand nasty things about myself. I’m glad my friends told me they missed me at crossfit that helped to keep the tiny motivation embers hot and burning.  But truly, I needed the mental and the physical break. And now I know that I need to not stress about taking a week’s vacation from working out because I believe it’s totally healthy.

I knew I was ready to get back to it this week when I was driving my kids home from a counseling session on Tuesday and I was wishing I was running those roads instead of being stuck in the car. I commanded Charlotte to snap photos of the scenery on our ride home. The sun was beginning to set and the “holy light” made the autumn leaves and fields that much more beautiful.

Driving home all I wanted was to be running free with my Sisters, laughing, sharing stories, and drinking in the last bits of daylight together.  I didn’t want to whiz by in a car, I wanted to be out there feeling the air on my face and savoring the sights….I knew I was back.

It took me about 3 weeks to recover from the Ragnar Relay. Similar to the marathon crash, I am learning that this is my “normal” and what my body needs to return to homeostasis.  My fellow Mama K is teaching me a very valuable lesson these days: be kind to yourself.  She says this to me at least once a day. I’m thankful that she’s so patient with me because this is not an easy lesson to learn.

So today I urge you to listen to Mama K, be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and give it what it needs whether that be a nap, a day to sleep in, a night to go to bed early, a chocolate covered pretzel, an extra long hot shower, a time to read a book under a fuzzy blanket, hot tea, a second cup of dark magic coffee… whatever it is, be kind to yourself and do it.

Keep on blazing your trail,

– Mama K

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