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Mama D is BACK!

Routine Setting: The living room
Cast: Mama D- Playing herself
Scene 1: Mama D walks tentatively, sheepishly on stage. Embarrassment clearly on her face.

Monologue begins-
Mama D: Uhh-hummm. (clears her throat. Addresses audience). Well, it’s sure been awhile hasn’t it? Since February to be exact. Yup, that’s 9 months. Wow. The gestation period for this post was REALLY long! What have I been up to? Well- just take a scroll through the Facebook page- lucky for me Mama K has done a fantastic job of reporting and reflecting on our shenanigans. And yes, the past 9 months really were as fun as the pictures look!

Since we arrived home from Disney in February I have had many thoughts racing through my head and it has made it impossible for me to express them in a clear and cohesive manner! I have begun several posts like: Why Running is Like Getting a Bikini Wax and Numbers, Numbers, Numbers- My Obsession with the Number 3, but abandoned them because they just didn’t seem interesting enough. (I may just have to finish that bikini wax one…)

Today officially begins my half marathon/marathon training! For the next 20 weeks, yes, 20 weeks, I will be working toward the finish of that 26.2 miles. Seems daunting? All those miles- a bit boring? Well, actually, it didn’t seem overwhelming today to me at all! And as I laid out my workout and running routine for the next 5 months, I realized that I did have something of value, something very important, to share with you!!
You see, my workout “routine” has become far from, well, routine- and here’s why. (Mama D pauses for a moment with her hand over her heart as she blinks back tears). Yes, I do the same exercises, go to the same places, and run many of the same routes that I have been for a long time. The thing that makes these experiences different, each and every time, is the amazing group of women I share them with. There is always a joke, a hug, a burden shared to be shouldered by all, a fit of uncontrollable laughtermagic that makes our time together nothing short of- at the risk of sounding a bit corny- magical. This magic gets me out of bed in the cold, in the dark, when there is nothing left in my proverbial tank, when my body is screaming “The hell to the no, we are not doing that”! But the heart, powered by this magic, easily wins out. The danger of missing out on an incredible moment with my gals is all the incentive I need to hop happily out of bed BEFORE the alarm even goes off!

friendsgiving2Last week as we celebrated Friendsgiving, Mama K asked us for one word to describe our group and I have been noodling it ever since. My “word” came to me today: the workouts, the miles, the WODs I planned out may all be “routine”, but my tribe of friends makes every meeting unique, inspiring, and most importantly- UNFORGETTABLE.


Unforgettable- yes, that’s what they are. That’s what they make my life. That is why I love them.

I cannot wait to complete 20 weeks of UNFORGETTABLE miles with these women- and I hope you will join us somewhere along the way.

“That’s why darling, it’s incredible, that someone so unforgettable, thinks that I am, unforgettable too”. –Nat King Cole

– Mama D


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