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Friday Night Christmas Lights Run

For the past few weeks our tribe has been planning a 5 mile run through our town to take in the wonderfully decorated and festive homes. We did this run 3 years ago and then life happened and somehow for the past few years I haven’t been able to pull it together to organize it. But this year I was all in and ready for a really fun run.  Then the real inspiration hit when I saw a local group of high school kids on the news who were doing “random acts of kindness” throughout their town for the holidays. They hid dollars on shelves in the Dollar Stores and did a few other clever little things. In watching this I thought why not make this run about intentional acts of kindness? Why random? Why not run through town and have some well thought out donation drop off spots that would help us give back to the community?  We already consciously operate with a core value in mind each day – share joy. And we already know that we are a group of runners with A LOT of heart, but it was time to share our souls (gosh, I really REALLY wanted to play on that word and write “soles” but I didn’t).   It was time to share who we really are at the core – adventurous crazy ladies that find happiness when we get together and give. So we came up with these donation drop spots and ideas and they were PERFECT! 

– Give the community library a monetary donation for overdue library book fees. 

– Give homemade cards, ornaments, and wrapped travel sized tissues to the elderly at the local nursing home.

– Share all the quarters we could find and donate them to the Boyertown Speedwash laundromat.

– Donate a giant stocking filled with hats, gloves, socks, and scarves to the Salvation Army. 

(That’s Pastor Joe who received the gift from Mama Maureen who drove next to us on our run in case we needed anything. She delivered this donation because we couldn’t figure out how to run through town carrying this thing.)

– Give goodie bags to our First Responders

Aside from feeling good about giving, we had an absolute BLAST together. We braved the 26 degree weather together, we laughed, we sang loud, we took pictures of ourselves in front of beautifully lit homes, and then we ate brownies and drank hot chocolate together.  I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night in December!

My favorite part about last night was that our tribe grew. We met new women who came out and I think they really enjoyed their experience. I’m confident they’ll return for more adventures with us which is so exciting! 

And as we run straight into probably the most stressful week of every mom’s life, we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. And please remember, be kind to yourself and share a little joy! 


Mama K  

If you’re up for it (and you want to hear us singing at the nursing home), watch the video we made about the run. 🙂 

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