Training (read: Practicing)

Race Dreams

Ever have those anxiety ridden dreams about your race when you’re training for a big event?  Well, when you have about 18 Mamas getting ready for the Disney Princess Half  Marathon, you know you’re bound to have a funny race dream story (or two) to tell.  Here they are, in no particular order. We hope you get a good chuckle like we all did. Enjoy! 

A recent text from Mama D, who typically has funny dreams, mainly including toilets. 

*I had a total Disney stress dream last night. Bonus (Jen) and I were trying to get to the start line and we were in this restaurant and I found 3 pairs of earrings and a necklace that belonged to me (and it was big heavy costume jewels!). So I put it in a bag and we proceed to a gate and this guy says “you cant take that bag with you and you have to throw away the jewelry and the bracelets you have on.” I was so upset because I loved the bracelet I had on so I negotiated with him and threw away a bunch of cheap earrings that magically appeared in the bag (it is Disney you know). So we proceed and there is a little girl who is crying because she is lost. We find a police officer who spills a soda on me so I take a shower and now have a big heavy towel to carry along with my bag of jewels. This whole time we are nervous because the race has already started and we don’t know where anyone is. All done showering and we look at a map to find the start and get confused because it says its a relay so now we dont know where to go because we swore that it was not a relay. I get my phone out to try and call someone and I can’t dial any numbers correctly. Bonus Mama C was so patient and kind during this whole process! And I woke up before we made it to the start!!
*Apparently last night it was my turn for the race anxiety dream. I dreamt Mama S and I were having so much fun just hanging out with all the girls that I lost track of time and was super late for my race. We dashed out to the parking lot only to find our car parked in by 2 or 3 layers of cars. My only recourse was to ride a kid’s bike to the park, and then sneak in through a shortcut that Bonus Mama C knew about. Woke up before the damn race even started.

*My “dream” through the night – the bus taking us to the start line was late so we all ended up at the back. I was running in my long down coat so I had to stop and put it in a locker. I was then well behind the group and ran alone for 2 hours. By the time I finished everyone went home.  It was not pretty. But I can (almost) guarantee that is not the way it will go down in February. At least I won’t be bringing my long down coat!! 

Tomorrow evening we fly out of Philadelphia and are so ready for this next adventure. We’ve been working so hard with long runs (14 and 15 milers in the weekends), we’re ready for a mental break from the 30 degree cloudy, snowy, chilly runs that have us bundled up in so many layers.And even though we’re tackling 19.3, we are ready for the sunshine, palm trees,  magic,and a fun change of scenery.  We’ll be sure to share along the way! 

Dream Big Princesses,

-Mama K 

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