Training (read: Practicing)

Project Me – Weeks 1 & 2

Well, I gotta tell  you that these 2 “do over” weeks can be perfectly summed up in the following memes (found randomly on the internet so I apologize for not being able to give specific photo credit)….

eating meme

This is it! Mama E posted this on Instagram and I was so glad someone put this out there on the internet.   But I’d change one part of this for myself.  Instead of an unsupervised child in a chocolate factory, I’m really like an unsupervised child in a chocolate AND potato chip factory that are both located inside a sandwich shop filled with delicious rolls and lunch meat.  That said, when I’m not I’m not there at “the sandwich shop”, I’m eating the most delicious homemade crock pot minestrone soup that’s chock full of veggies and beans, which is really satisfying and I really do love eating it. Sprinkled with a little Feta cheese on top and it’s out of this world.  But I have a hard time eating the same things every day or every week for that matter, so I do need a lot of variety. I’m glad this has been my “go to” lunch and 3pm snack.  I feel a ton better knowing I’m eating a nice warm salad.


But then…

eating meme 3

And then…

bad decision

But then…something deliciously perfect happens like this slow cooker lime and garlic shredded beef for tacos or over a salad and I’m instantly snapped back into the “I love healthy cooking!” mindset.

But then…

eating meme4


Most of the awesome recipes in my plan weren’t made (mainly the breakfast items) because once the snow days were over, it was back to needing quick breakfasts. My lack of preparation either on the weekend or any evening kept me from giving them a try.  In my defense, we’ve had another week of sickness – one stomach virus and 2 boys with ear infections that had us at the doctor’s office and urgent care in the evenings.  So whatever, toast and granola bars it was.

For now, we’ll just go with this because it makes me feel better.  And while I really haven’t eaten cake (it’s not been anyone’s birthday and I don’t eat it just because) we can just swap our cake for Duncan Hines brownies that my teenager likes to make.

eat cakde

So stay safe folks. And leave the scale in the bathroom corner until she apologizes for being mean.

Until next week,

Mama K

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