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Project Me – Week 3

Another week has whizzed by and I don’t even know how it happened.  I even wrote this post on Friday evening and never published it because my attention was diverted elsewhere.

It’s the eve of April and I don’t know how that happened either.  I don’t know  how it happened that my my 10 year old’s birthday is in 10 days (when did that happen and what am I going to do for a party???). I don’t know how we’ve come to the point of the year for Spring Break and Easter that’s right around the corner (confession: I thought Easter already happened because, like I said, tomorrow is April).  I have made no Easter Bunny plans, but in re-reading sentence 3 I realize that I have 6 days to figure that out after the birthday planning.  I don’t know how it happened that summer camp registrations are sort of past due and that final call emails to order a yearbook came through yesterday.  Once again, I’ve found myself swept up in the start of Spring.   Every single (effing) February I have a conversation with myself that goes something like this…

pull it together

I tell myself it’s going to be better…easier…I will be more organized with my time and I will plan for the future. It’ll be better AND easier because I will be more organized.  I will conquer this transition into the end of the school year and summer.  I will rock my workouts so when I slip into that Athleta swim dress one hot day in July, I’ll be ready……Ready???

Somehow April hits, I look around, and realize I really need to stop writing 2016 on checks.   And that’s where we are on this journey folks.   Although I have to say that 2 people asked me this week if I’ve lost some weight. I haven’t, but maybe my body is finally responding to my attempts at a lower carb, less red meat and pork, and more healthy soup food intake.  So, we’ll count that as progress for the week.  I had a great 3 mile treadmill run on Tuesday evening which made me so happy. I finally felt like I could get into a flow and a zone. Nothing hurt and it went so fast. I did hill and speed intervals in which I made a change ever minute for the entire 3 miles unless I was holding my pace of 6.5 or 7 for 2 minutes.  Also, I went back to CrossFit on Thursday morning after about a 2 month break.  We were celebrating Mama T’s birthday and I wouldn’t dare miss the fun.  It was a great way to ease back into it with a team WOD.  3 people per team and all together we had to do 4500 meter row, 180 box jump overs (although this got cut short due to time) and 99 burpees.  My favorite part was the chocolate milk shots after the workout, such a cute idea!  I’m sore today but not overwhelmingly sore.  So we should probably count that as more progress.

This weekend the Marathon Mamas have their 20 milers to do.  4 ladies will be taking to the rainy, wet, and puddled up streets or trail. They’ll slog through this final crazy long run before they begin their taper.  The rest of us are hoping to sign up as volunteers to run at least a few bits of their run with them to keep them company.   With just over 3 weeks left until the big day, they’re all in their final push of training.  I’m so proud of them, but have to say the weather is going to make it very interesting for these last few runs.  Running in the unpredictable March weather is one of my least favorite things to do.  And the cold rain we’ve had the past few days keeps me very thankful that I switched my race entry from marathon to 9K.  21 less miles to run is ALWAYS a good idea in my book, especially since the pep talk I had with myself in February didn’t seem to work!

Keep moving forward,

-Mama K

Update – Sunday 4/2: the Marathon Mamas not only survived but completely thrived and grew into their 20 mile runs they had this weekend. They were tired, they were hungry, they had to go to that place in their brain that blocks out pain and doubt, and they did it! They are more than ready for their races. I am so proud of them!

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