Our Humble Beginning

Powered by sunshine, running, and friendship,  Candice and Jane met many moons ago when their 1st grade daughters were in Brownies (Girl Scouts) together.  Along with Mama E (Original Jen), the three Mamas stepped outside of their comfort zones in a giant leap of faith and started a fitness journey together. The Mamas met at the track even despite Jen’s seizing calf muscles and Jane insisting she’d only ever run in her basement for fear of her stride looking too weird to others (she has a wonky leg that goes out to the side when she pushes off the ground – it’s cool, whatever).  Slowly and steadily this threesome developed into a small group of women that needed a healthy outlet from the chaos of Mamahood. They began meeting each week, slogging along — encouraging, supporting, and celebrating each other; moving forward in life together and realizing that they were #bettertogether. They drew strength from each other as they  shared their daily struggles, stories of overcoming challenges, in addition to their deepest, darkest fears.  About a year later, after Candice had her surprise 3rd baby, a blog was born as a way to 1) help Candice be accountable to returning to her previous fitness level, 2) to journal their way through their experience from 5K to Marathon, 3) have stories for the aides to read to them once they are old and bed bound in the nursing home.   Two years after starting the blog, Candice and Jane once again stepped outside of their comfort zone and started their CrossFit adventures as a way to strength train for an upcoming half marathon.  Soleful Mamas took off from there as they met a group of AH-MAZING Mamas who were secret runners.  Some didn’t even know they were runners! And we had no idea we’d meet our future business partner, Mama K2!  After their courtship with these Mamas, Soleful Mamas grew into a tribe of women who are learning to live courageously, intentionally, and happily through the power of running and adventure experiences.  The future is bright for the Mamas as they  keep on blazin’ their trail of awesomeness!

We’re always looking to grow our family of Soleful Mamas so please join us as we keep moving forward in life, empowering each other one step at a time and one mile at a time!


If you are a Soleful Mama, feel free to hashtag your pictures so we can share in your journey.  #solefulmamas #trailblazersofawesomeness #sweatyatsunrise


Jane, Candice, & Denise


1 thought on “Our Humble Beginning”

  1. Just learned about your group – too late for the run this morning. In a newer runner and would love to learn more. Thanks.


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