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I Kept Running – 2016

Goodbye 2016, it's been swell.  Truly, it's been a great year. My favorite so far since starting adulthood, so I owe you a thank you. When I think back to where I was mentally and emotionally in January of 2016, I was just starting to paddle my way out of a riptide of anxiety and… Continue reading I Kept Running – 2016

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Finding the Training Sweet Spot

Striking the balance of half marathon training with life is easier said than done.  Striking the balance of running and cross training is also easier said than done.  It's clear that the strength training is working.  After coming home from vacation (which gave me about 10 days of rest) I ran my fastest 5K since… Continue reading Finding the Training Sweet Spot

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Goldilocks and the Three Boxes

Mama D and I have completed our second full week of CrossFit and these workouts are NO JOKE. I mean, I didn't think it was going to be easy.  I knew that it was going to take some getting used to, and there would be sore muscles for a while. But to truly stare at… Continue reading Goldilocks and the Three Boxes

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Marathon Jitters – It’s Almost Time!!!

A week from today, my sole sisters and I will be making our way through the Disney Marathon Weekend Expo and trying to wrap our minds around what's about to happen.  Today was my last longish run during this taper period and it was my best 8 miles ever.  The next big one is race day and… Continue reading Marathon Jitters – It’s Almost Time!!!

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Delirious 23

Me (giggling): "Aaawww, gross. My jacket is soaking wet with sweat. Cat pee sweat. I am so disgusting." Mama D (chuckling): "Oh, I stopped sweating a long time ago. That was one of the control centers that shut down." Me (laughing harder): "HahahahahaOMGyes. Control centers. Shut down." Mama D (laughing): "I could wallpaper a wall… Continue reading Delirious 23