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“You are all that matters.”

Meet Mama B.  She's our guest author for today.  Mama B is a hard working Mama that is raising two children, working outside the home full time in addition to working toward another degree.  It amazes me how the Mamas I've encountered (and know) take ENDURANCE to a whole new level.  You'll see what I… Continue reading “You are all that matters.”

Race day

“The Face of Victory” – Tara

Got the Nerve? Sprint Triathlon Meet Tara.  Tara is a #dangerouslyawesome Mama that has an incredible Wonder Woman tattoo on her right forearm.  Tara is no joke.  Tara's body does whatever Tara's mind says it should do.  Tara is a gifted therapist, mother, and athlete.  But most of all, Tara stands for truth, for love,… Continue reading “The Face of Victory” – Tara

Race day

Half Ironman Chattanooga – Race Recap

We have a guest author today!   A big congratulations is in order for this  hard working and fierce Mama that just experienced her first Half Ironman event, Half Ironman Chattanooga.  Without further adieu, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Tracie.  We hope you enjoy her journey to 70.3! Tracie's story: Last Sunday I completed… Continue reading Half Ironman Chattanooga – Race Recap

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Our First Care Package

Ever since we returned from our trip we've been focused on bringing the magic and spreading joy.  Mama D and I decided that our first project should be to support the Boyertown Junior High West Road Warriors after school running club.  About 65 runners strong, this group of students can be found around town pounding… Continue reading Our First Care Package

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2016 Glass Slipper Challenge: Part 1 The Expo

There were so many incredible moments this weekend it was difficult to make just one video to share the time with you.  We decided that we should post a few to give you the full experience of this thrill ride we went on.  We didn't sleep much and we packed an unbelievable amount of fun into our… Continue reading 2016 Glass Slipper Challenge: Part 1 The Expo

Mama K (CD5K), Training (read: Practicing), Where I'm at now...

Rainy Winter Running

As I struggled to get past mile 5 of our rainy 7 miler through town this morning, I could hardly believe that one year ago I was ready to run (read: run/walk/crawl) 26.2.  This day last year Mama D, Mama E, and I were at the Disney Marathon Weekend Expo and preparing for the big event tomorrow.  At this time… Continue reading Rainy Winter Running