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Good Lessons Learned on a Bad Run

Meet another Mama K.   We'll call her Mama K-2 She's the awesome one in the tribe that always knows exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time. Things like "You don't plan for failure." when you're staring at a 170# on the rack and "We've got this!" when you're getting ready to… Continue reading Good Lessons Learned on a Bad Run

Mama K (CD5K), Training (read: Practicing), Where I'm at now...

Project Me – Week 2

Project Me - Week 2 is a reflection of last week's nutritional and fitness progress. Some days were definitely harder than others!

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I Kept Running – 2016

Goodbye 2016, it's been swell.  Truly, it's been a great year. My favorite so far since starting adulthood, so I owe you a thank you. When I think back to where I was mentally and emotionally in January of 2016, I was just starting to paddle my way out of a riptide of anxiety and… Continue reading I Kept Running – 2016

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Mama D is BACK!

Routine Setting: The living room Cast: Mama D- Playing herself Scene 1: Mama D walks tentatively, sheepishly on stage. Embarrassment clearly on her face. Monologue begins- Mama D: Uhh-hummm. (clears her throat. Addresses audience). Well, it’s sure been awhile hasn’t it? Since February to be exact. Yup, that’s 9 months. Wow. The gestation period for… Continue reading Mama D is BACK!

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Ragnar Trail Relay – Lake Wawayanda

There were NO guarantees of success this past weekend. In fact, at 5:21am on Friday morning I was lying in my damp sleeping bag and wondering if we could defer our race entry to next year. I was ready to quit before it even began. We hardly slept, the rain and the wind had our… Continue reading Ragnar Trail Relay – Lake Wawayanda

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Love These Mamas

Over the past week I've collected some fun quotes that the Mamas have said about running and working out.  I think that'll I'll keep doing this because it's really fun to capture everyone else's perspectives on their own progress and journey.  Enjoy!    From a Mama during her first track night with us last week:  … Continue reading Love These Mamas