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Good Lessons Learned on a Bad Run

Meet another Mama K.   We'll call her Mama K-2 She's the awesome one in the tribe that always knows exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time. Things like "You don't plan for failure." when you're staring at a 170# on the rack and "We've got this!" when you're getting ready to… Continue reading Good Lessons Learned on a Bad Run

Mama K (CD5K), Training (read: Practicing), Where I'm at now...

Project Me – Week 1

As promised, here I am checking in with my weight, eating habits, and workouts for the week! Current Stats & Progress Current Weight:       173.5           Change of:       minus .2            Feeling: (WTF) but okay, okay. I'm not completely discouraged yet. It's only… Continue reading Project Me – Week 1

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I Kept Running – 2016

Goodbye 2016, it's been swell.  Truly, it's been a great year. My favorite so far since starting adulthood, so I owe you a thank you. When I think back to where I was mentally and emotionally in January of 2016, I was just starting to paddle my way out of a riptide of anxiety and… Continue reading I Kept Running – 2016

Mama K (CD5K), Training (read: Practicing)

Mother’s Day Reflections

The busyness of Mother's Day took over yesterday and I never got a chance to share all of my thoughts about how life has changed dramatically over the past decade... that's right...decade. I can't even believe that I'm even writing that word as if it has any relevance to my adult life, but it certainly… Continue reading Mother’s Day Reflections